Surrender & Heal with Manereia and Per


With Manereia Hanuman and Per Gunnarsson

Healing – Surrender – Meditations – Yoga – Energy transmissions – Mantra singing – Qi-gong

Date: 26 - 29 May 2022

Place: Shambala gatherings, skinnskatteberg, sweden

Surrender and Heal

In this heart opening retreat, you will meet two experienced healers who really want to share and teach the secrets about surrendering and healing.  You will learn how to connect to the healing source, how to surrender to it and how to let the loving/healing energy flow more freely in our bodies.

Surrender and Heal

Surrender & Heal Retreat

Come, release control, and heal in this heart opening retreat with Manereia Hanuman and Per Gunnarsson. Manereia and Per are experienced healers. Both with strong connection to the healing source that flow through their hands, bodies and energy systems. Their highest wish is to share their knowledge to you by energetically copy the link to the loving source into your body and cells, so that you easier and easier can get in contact with the source of Love and by that: Can get in deeper contact with your higher Self. No one will be left untouched in this retreat.

We will explore and experience different methods how to surrender to the higher intelligence, the force that make our bodies alive, the intelligence that guide and heal us. We will collectively connect to the source and from there bath in the healing flow induced by the energy transmissions initiated by Manereia and Per. We will also do parts in which we train how to both receive and give healing energy to and from each other.

The retreat also includes soft yoga (which is adaptable everybody´s body) and qigong.

“I release control and surrender to the flow of Love, that will heal me”
This will be our mantra this long weekend retreat – we will sing it – and live it.

Learn to Heal



Manereia is a bhakti yogi who channels strong energies of love from the universe that transform both him and the surroundings. His role on earth is to assist the ascension of humanity and earth to higher dimensions and consciousness level.

Manereia mainly teaches intuitively when he shares his knowledge and insights. His teaching is not only verbally but also energetically transferred. His daily practice is to connect to the life force and natural wisdom found in nature and from there expand and merge with the universal life force that he often names God.

In his awakening process the arising of the kundalini has played a major roll and he has developed experiences and methods of how to integrate the strong kundalini process into his everyday life. He uses this energy effectively for healing.



Per – Healing love personified. 

After two major operations where he removed cysts from the spinal cord inside the head, his health was limited for a couple of years. But after finding meditation in 2008 as a way to heal his nervous system, he studied with several enlightened masters in four continents which not just improved his health significantly through the spiritual practices, but also opened up special gifts within him. He found a strong loving and healing energy that since has evolved and helped many people.

Per is often described as the most loving person you ever met. If you watched what happened with a human being that is loved for all that they are – you know that Per’s loving power makes him an efficient facilitator.

Per is a certified yoga teacher and has been teaching in Sweden, Europe, and Asia. He is also a certified qigong teacher. Per’s way of facilitating is relaxed, calm, and filled with humility and humour.

Per Gunnarsson & Manereia Hanuman

Manereia and Per are powerfully loving beings with a lighthearted humility. Both their caring presence and knowledge has been very helpful for me on my spiritual path, surrendering to the healing flow of Love!


(subject to changes)

Thursday, 26 May
15:00 Check-in
16:30 Introduction and intentions
19:00 Dinner

Friday, 27 May
07:15 Yoga
09:00 Breakfast
11.00 Workshop 1 – Surrender
13:30-16:00 Lunch and free time (rest, swim in the lake or forest walk etc.)
16:00 Workshop 2 – Energy contact
19:00 Dinner

Saturday, 28 May
07:15 Qi-gong
09:00 Breakfast
11.00 Workshop 3 – Healing works
13:30-16:00 Lunch and free time (rest, swim in the lake or forest walk etc.)
16:00 Workshop 4 – Energy transmissions and healing
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Mantra and devotion practice (Kirtan)

Sunday, 29 May
7:15 Yoga
9:00 Breakfast
11.00 Workshop 5 – Gratitude
13:30 Lunch
15:00 Check out

Cost and application

Price from 4100 SEK
Reserve your place at Shambala Gatherings Homepage.

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