Projekt SOL offers different kind of services

Healing – Meditation – Energy & Shakti Transmissions – Kirtan – Traditional Yoga – Wilderness Camps & Trekking – Individual Support – Co-creation – Kundalini Support – Spiritual Counseling

Some of the provided services are described in more in details below

healing and support

Individual Healing and Support

Manereia offer you individual healing and support sessions. This can take place at real physical meetings or remotely by online meetings

The aim with a session is to support you in what you need at the moment for your own development.

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Ascension School by Manereia

Ascension School by Manereia

Manereia offer this retreat 1-2 times per year at his premises outside Växjö. Dates will be posed under EVENTS in the navigation bar when decided. Let Manereia know if you have a request for a special date.

It is also possible to invite Manereia to run this retreat together with you at your own place.

The length of the retreat is normally 1-4 days.

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