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healing and Support - Go deeper in your own development

Manereia offer you individual healing and support sessions. This can take place at real physical meetings or remote by online meetings using a computer or phone. The aim with a session is to support you in what you need at the moment for your own development.

A meeting normally starts with a shorter talk about your current situation before a energy transmission session begins. During the energy session Manereia is connected to a higher source of intelligence as well as to his own and your guides. He let them talk to you in words but mainly in different types of energy and healing transmissions trough the session.  Sometimes the transmissions go very strong, sometimes softer and more gently, suiting the actual situation and needs. 

In the session Manereia connect your energy system through his own system to the higher intelligent living force. Manereia use his whole body and energy system in the transmissions, sometimes using different sounds, both loud and more silent, with the aim to get your cells and energy system in resonance with the source vibrations. It is not Manereias own energy that is transmitted in the sessions, instead he uses his energy system as a channel for the higher energy to enter your system.

The session suits you who are ready to go deeper in your own development, your own connection to the source and yourself. It is not a fix, where you just let someone else to do your job, but rather a push in right direction to continue your own path. The session may bring up unresolved things or activate unknown parts in you, maybe even the kundalini force if meant so, and you need to be ready to take care of what’s coming up, remembering that this is exactly what you need, a result from your intentions and wishes and something that you are fully responsible to take care of. A session does not need to be dedicated to heal something special or giving answers to any specific question. If you like you can let the great intelligence guide the session and see what comes up for you.

A session normally takes about 60 minutes and cost 950 SEK incl VAT. The active part with energy transmission is normally around 30-40 minutes, leaving time for some supportive talks and discussions in beginning and at the end of the session. It is wise to plan to have some free time after the session where you can be alone and assimilate the higher energy levels introduced in your system.

Manereia’s capabilities to transmit and distribute healing was brought to him after receiving the crystal-clear white light year 2007. After that his kundalini was activated and the healing capabilities has from that day developed step by step and still does, see more about Manereia here.

Manereia receives at his premises at the country side outside of Växjö, south Sweden, but sometimes visits other places to offer his service. He also arranges group healing meetings both in Växjö and at other places on request. Put yourself up on the mailing list and fill in your area of interests to get mail information when something is going on for you.

Manereia offer his service in Swedish or English language.

Book your healing or support session by fill in the form below or send a mail to; office@manereia.com


Healing is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment but an alternative method that can be seen as a complement to traditional treatment. Manereia is not a doctor and does not give any medical recommendations.