Ascension School by Manereia

Ascension school by Manereia

Are you ready to ascend to a higher vibrational level?

Are you ready to follow mother earth up to her new upgraded version?

Manereia offer this retreat 1-2 times per year at his premises outside Växjö. Dates will be posted under EVENTS in the navigation bar when decided. Let Manereia know if you have a request for a special date.

It is also possible to invite Manereia to run this retreat together with you at your own place.

The length of the retreat is normally 1-4 days.

What is Ascension?

The current way of living is not longer sustainable and must be replaced where Love and care about Life and Mother Earth counts by all. The evolution of the consciousness is going in cycles, when an old era ends – a new begin. The old era is now naturally coming to its end and the new is already seeded. Mother Earth and and her inhabitants are ascending to a higher consciousness level to survive and develop the new era.

The ascension process goes in steps. First you need to awake and understand that the old not longer is supported and will be replaced by the law of nature (Divine Law). Then you need to say yes to clean out yourself to be empty so you can receive the new. The cleaning process also goes in steps, layer by layer will be peeled off and all buried stories (Karma) is to be revealed and seen to be healed and released. In this transformational process you clean out your vessel that by nature gradually will be filled up with the new as you become clean. This is driven by evolution and we already have the information how to do it in our genes, it only needs to be initiated. To kick off the process you need to surrender and fearlessly say yes to the transformation, then you will be guided from within how to do it in same way as you been guided how you did when you entered this physical world.

The energy spectrum from the sun is changing and our solar system is entering into a area in the space with an increased energy level. This both radically boost the ascension process. This is the law of nature, the will of the earth and universe and is already happening and cannot be stopped.

So what can I do?
Everyone has a choice; – to say yes and accept the change and follow Mother to the new higher dimension – or refuse to change, fight and try to stay in the old system. However, the evolution is driven by the law of nature and only those with an upgraded level of consciousness can survive on the planet when she has ascended. It is not wrong to to stay in the old, we all need to go through that part in our development. Those who choose to not ascend now will not incarnate on the earth for a while until they are ready for the higher vibrational level.

About the retreat

Manereia has used and developed lot of different tools for his own transformation. His highest wish is to share the tools with you so you can use them for your own transformation or modify them to suite you. One of his favorite tools is Bhakti, devotion to God, which frequently will be applied during the retreat. Manereia will help you to connect to the highest source of Love and from there deepen your relation with the Divine and your higher self. During the retreat you significantly will increase your vibrational level which boost your own transformation, but also support the ascension process collectively.
Projekt SOL

Ascension school by manereia - Program

Typical day program and activities – Ascension School

06:30 Puja
07:30 Yoga or Qi-gong
09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Workshop (Meditation, Mantras, Bhakti, Nature … )
13:00 Lunch
16:00 Workshop (Healing, Energy transmission, Sharing, Kirtan … )
19:00 Dinner


  • Experience with regular spiritual practice and a deep desire to explore your relationship with the Divine are required. 
  • You are open to discover new areas and to develop your own spiritual practice.
  • The camp is for those how are ready to dive deeper into yourself and you should be in good mental health and without any current mental illness to participate.


  • We can be located in the Project SOL’s premises outside Växjö or somewere else
  • Teaching in Swedish and/or English so everyone will understand
  • Vegetarian food
  • All Projekt SOL activities are alcohol and drug free


The retreat can be arranged at Projekt SOL promises outside Växjö, Sweden or somewhere else. Let us know if you want to invite Manereia to run this retreat at your premises or somewhere else. We do it together!

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