Open House Manereia

open house and kirtan

Meditation - Yoga - Celebration - Kirtan

Free event

Date: 3 July 2022

Place: Projekt SOL, Växjö, Sweden

Manereia turns 59 and celebrate with Open House and Kirtan for Yogis, Angels, Saints, Healers, Starseeds and Light-workers in the barn and garden.


14:00 Welcome to drop in, mingle in the garden

15:00-17:00 Smorgardsbords Activites
15:00 Yoga (Vanja)
16:00 Guided Meditation & Energy Activation (Manereia)

17:00 Dinner, celebration, cake etc

19:00 KIRTAN (Martin and Manereia)

20:30 End

Open House & Cake
Open House and Kirtan

Free event – Come when you like during the day
Send a mail to if you like to attend and await our reply.

Potluck party
If you like, bring some vegetarian food or snacks. The house will fill up what’s missing. You don’t need to bring anything.

The open house is free of charge but it is possible to donate to Manjushree Vidyapith School and Orphanage in North East India,   Recommended donation 100 – 300 SEK. All collection (100%) will be sent to the school. Swish to : 0702962008 (Magnus Hj), mark transaction with ”Manjushree Donation”

Please no gifts to Manereia except from wild flowers that you picked by yourself or food to the party.

Alcohol and drug free.

Like to volunteer? Sharing your gifts or help to set up the party; Contact Manereia

My return is now for those who dare to see – that everything out there – was just a mirror – of our inner self. For those who surrender – for those whose fight is over. Wake up and create the new word with Me – My second coming is within

 – Be the change you want to see in the world –

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