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Next dates and times

Wednesday 22 June, 18:30-19:45 CET (Swedish time)

On-line Bhakti Shakti Healing Transmission

We meet online every 2-4th week to practice Bhakti and Kirtan songs together. You can attend one or several meetings. No earlier experience but a longing to find and connect to God is needed.

We sing and recite mantras together. We open up the altar and offer flowers to God. We sing spiritual songs and receive Healing Energy from the Divine. We Pray, Meditate and Heal.

At June 22 we will receive the key to unlock the original codes that are stored in our body and DNA. The codes that will take us back to the state where we were meant to be. 

practical things

You connect to this zoom meeting with your camera and microphone turned on and say hello to everyone. When we have secured the connections, you mute your microphones but leave your cameras on. The camera helps Manereia to connect to your energy field. You keep your microphone muted while we sing. When the session is over it is possible to turn on your microphone again and share your experience if you like.

It is also possible to attend physically if you want – you are very welcome. Please send a mail in advance if you want to come and attend at the Projekt SOL barn outside Växjö, Sweden.

New dates for future meetings will be posted on this web-page afterwards they are decided. Check the web-page regularly.

sign up to next bhakti Shakti healing transmisson

This is a free event (no cost). Apply by mail to or press the ”sign up” button below and you will get a zoom link to the event by an automatic reply in about 1 minute. If you don’t get the link, send manereia a mail at 

Prepare yourself  by download and printing out the mantras

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