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A series of healing meditations

In a series of healing meditations, Manereia guides us to the source of Love where we meet our higher self and heal. All our guides are there to help us and their wisdom is channelled down through Manereia and guide us to a strong healing state where the Love force strongly flows through our bodies.

next date and time

Sunday 21 April 2024, 18:00-19:00 Swedish time

healing meditation

In the healing meditation, Manereia connects to the source of Love and we get guided by our guides and higher selves. The life force and light increase in our bodies and body cells where the individual and collective memories are stored. When the life force and light reach the deeper levels in our bodies old memories are released and come up to the surface to be healed. By staying and observing/feeling what comes up and letting the light flow through it, we transform the locked in trauma into light and become free. We do this both for ourselves but also for collective healing of humanity, mother earth and all her inhabitants.

When the light flows, also the cellular memory who we really are wakes up, the dormant insight and wisdom again becomes available and leads us and our fellow humans and mother earth further up in the ascension process. By doing this we open up for our higher selves to come down and manifest in our physical bodies.

This work is an important contribution in the ongoing ascension to a higher consciousness level on earth, and we love it and are thankful to be part of it. Read more about the ongoing Ascension here.

Healing Meditation

practical things

Connect to the zoom meeting some minutes before it starts, Manereia will open the room when time to start.

If you like, keep your microphone and camera on the first minutes to say hello to the attendants before we start the meditation. When we have secured the connections, you mute your microphones and choose if you like to close or leave your cameras on.

When the session is over it is possible to turn on your microphone again and share your experience if you like.


The healing meditation will be guided in English. If only Sweden spoken persons attends, it will be performed in Swedish.

sign up

This is a free event (no cost).

Apply by mail to live@manereia.com or press the ”sign up” button below and you will receive an automatic reply with the zoom link to the event. If you don’t get the link within a few minutes, check your spam folder.

You must sign up for each event to receive an unique zoom-link for each occasion.

future healing meditation

Dates for upcoming healing meditations will be posted on this page when decided. To be sure to not miss an opportunity, please subscribe to our newsletters here and tick that you are interested in ”on-line healing meditations”.

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Read more about Manereia here.

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