ascension notes 2021-12-30


STILLNESS is the foundation of my LOVE

I create the visible, manifested world from my STILLNESS

My LOVE pour out through sacred geometry – THE FLOWER OF LIFE

I am that FLOWER and you are too  – you and I are the same – it’s just your mind that thinks we are two

Drop your mind into my HEART – and let it rest. Let it rest in STILLNESS – the creative force that is

From here we build the new. From here we manifest the new chapter in Human Evolution

— — —

Nothing is more important than that STILLNESS

Because from that STILLNESS my LOVE comes through;

  • Creates rings in the water of the Universe – THE FLOWER OF LIFE
  • Expand – reaching everything
  • Immerse everything
  • Creates everything I am

Fasten your seatbelts, prepare for ascension – by being that STILLNESS with me