Voice of the North

This is an old event – but you can watch the Manereia recording below.

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Voice of the North

The Living Light Code Winter Solstice Gathering

Date: 12 - 21 December 2021

Free On-line event

Brothers and sisters, you are invited to the Voice of the North – Living Light Code Winter Solstice Gathering, a potent, 10-day transformational online gathering of wisdom keepers from the North coming together as ONE and forming a network of unity, activation and expansion.

Each day will feature two presentations from our 15+ New Earth wayshowers and leaders, to share the wisdom of the North, the love of our sacred land, to anchor the new light and reconnect to our Northern soul tribe.

Join us, and thousands of like-minded souls from around the globe, as we reconnect with our Northern Soul Tribe to explore the wisdom of the North, anchoring the light as we take a journey through thousands of years of traditions, lineages, songs and stories.

Voice of the North VISION

The Vision is to come together as One unified field to assist in the planetary evolution. It is important we come together NOW. We come from different traditions, lineages, starsystems and soulgroups, sharing the SAME MISSION – to bring forth and anchor the New Light in the North.

Each sister and brother who steps into this gathering unites us as One; holding space and grounding the connection between tribes.

As we come together with love, our leaders will hold space for you to drop deeply into your heart, reconnect to your ancestors, feel the whispers of the North and the energies of this sacred place on Earth.