lapporten expedition

Lapporten Expedition 2024



24-31 August 2024

Abisko - Sweden

Reconnect to the source

The purpose of this expedition/retreat is to connect to the source, download our higher self and re-activate the original codes within our bodies and DNA..

We reconnect and strengthen our relation with mother earth and the intelligent and creative force that lives within us all. Hold by the mother, we will let the source energy flow through our bodies, clean us and open up the channel to our higher self. 

The new human is to be born, a human that is freed from the prison made by her own minds and freed from the old structures that no longer supports.

Arctic Creek

Living high up in the mountains

We walk up to the Lapporten portal area high up on the bald mountain. We bring tent and food for one week. We trekk about 10-15 km each day.

The expedition will be totally out in remote mountain area, mainly above tree limit, we will pick up and move our tents to 3-5 different places.

We stay in the mountains with smallest possible footprint, leaving without any signs. Group size 4-8 persons only.

Teaching will be in English and/or Swedish depending on the needs. 

Arctic Portal

Program Outline

The program is subject to changes depending on weather conditions and group needs.

This outline is only made to get an idea of the program and schedule. Location and times for start and ending the retreat will however not be changed.

Saturday 24 August
13:00 Meet up outside Abisko STF mountain station
13:00 – 18:00 Walk in to the first camp. About 10km walk
19:00 Dinner

Sunday 25 August
07:00 Morning meditation
08:00 Breakfast
10:00 – 16:00 Walk in to 2:d camp, about 15 km trekk
18:00 Dinner

Typical days – exploring the portal area
07:00 Morning meditation
08:30 Breakfast
10:00 Leave the tent and walk to different energy places for energy work
16:00 Back to tent – Free time in silence
18:00 Dinner

Typical days – moving the camp
07:00 Morning meditation
08:30 Breakfast
10:00 – 17:00 Full day trek to new camp spot 5-15 km. (mountain walking on unpaved paths)
18:00 Dinner

Saturday 31 August
07:00 Morning meditation
08:30 Breakfast
10:00-14:00 Walk out from the camp, with stop for lunch and short meditation.
15:00 End outside Abisko STF mountain station

Peak Climbing

Typical activities

Guided mountain trekking

Climbing one or two mountain peaks if conditions allows

Guided and silence meditations

Healing and energy transmission

Group sharing

Lake or river bath

Food preparation, individually cooking using your own cooking gear

Time spent in silence

Arctic Portal Meditation


MANEREIA is a bhakti yogi and a mystic who channels strong energies of love from the universe that transform both him and the surroundings. Manereia loves to sit in front of an altar singing mantras or meditate. The nature is his best altar. When Manereia does not work as an engineer, he is often out camping in the wilderness or inspires others by performing different spiritual activities.

Manereia mainly teaches intuitively when he shares his knowledge and insights. His teaching is not only verbally but also energetically transferred. His daily practice is to connect to the life force and natural wisdom found in nature and from there expand and merge with the universal life force that he often names God.

In his awakening process the arising of the kundalini has played a major roll and he has developed experiences and methods of how to integrate the strong kundalini process into his everyday life and how to effectively use it for healing.

Manereia has been trekking and camping in the forests and mountains since 1979 and is a very good and trustworthy nature guide. 


Manereia as a person and his teaching is at the same time powerful, caring and respectful. Full of wisdom and knowledge from his own experience and from different ancient traditions. I also appreciate his connection both to the mystic side of life as well as everyday family-life.
//Martin Petersson

Manereia teaches from a very deep and profound love that is rare to find and his energy transmissions are beautiful, strong, and healing in so many ways.
//Per Gunnarsson


Click here for more information about MANEREIA


Experience with trekking, tenting and meditation practises are required. You need to be strong enough to carry all your belongings by yourself. Expect that you need to carry about a 20-25 kg backpack when we move the camp.

The camp is for those of you who are ready to dive deeper into yourself; you should  be in good mental health and without any current mental illness to participate.


You arrange your travel to Abisko by your own

You bring your own food and cooking utilities

You bring your own camping gear

You carry all your own belongings

Equipment list with suggestions what to bring will be provided

Some equipment (f. ex. tent), may be rented by Manereia

All Projekt SOL activities are alcohol, smoke and drug free

Mobile phone usage

No mobile coverage in most of the area

Manereia will bring a satellite communication tool  (Garmin inReach) that can be used in emergency cases 


Excellent train connection from Stockholm to Abisko turist station by

If you like to stay at Abisko mountain station before or after the retreat, find information here; abisko-turiststation


6 000 SEK if you pay before 1 July 2024

8 000 SEK if you pay after 1 July 2024

10 000 SEK if you pay after 1 August 2024

Price includes teaching and guiding only. Bring your own food and gear.


Apply by mail to or fill in the below contact form.

After receiving an approval mail reserve your place by paying the total amount on bank giro 636-5621 or Swish 123 356 09 84 to MHI-konsult AB.

Group size 4-8 people, apply in time to get a place.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel latest 1 July 50% of your money will be paid back.

No refunds if you cancel after 1 July.

If the retreat needs to be cancelled all your money will be paid back. Other costs, for example un-used train tickets or hotel bookings will not be reimbursed if the retreat needs to be cancelled.

Arctic Feet

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